"Project Vincent" Digital Human Project in Unreal Engine


Seoul, Korea based creative studio GIANTSTEP has shown the Studios RnD Project called Project Vincent. The aim of this project is creating a digital human as being realistic with a real-time engine. "Vincent" is able to move bodily in real time and has ultra-realistic techniques, made by Unreal Engine.

"Vincent” which is made in a way to be similar as real human including emotional expression, hairs and skins is now developing to communicate with people by grafting AI. This can be useful in a variety of ways for creating contents and videos that move and respond in real time on various devices.

"Project Vincent" shows an equivalent quality as an existing time-consuming rendering method, and even be able to close-up for realistic expression. Moreover, it has been reached a high technological advance moving in real time with Unreal Engine.

"Project Vincent" is a new paradigm to open up the bright future outlook of digital human being.

"GIANTSTEP Inc., established in 2008 in Seoul, Korea, is a creative studio that provides the best digital media production for various clients’ requests related to visual image production by conducting research, planning, consulting and producing display-based images in both analog and digital images."

출저: CG RECORD https://www.cgrecord.net/2019/04/project-vincent-digital-human-project.html